The Cigar Hall of Fame, in recognition of legendary cigar brands.

There are Halls of Fame for various fields, from sports to the world of music. However, remarkably, until now, there has never been a Hall of Fame dedicated to cigar brands.

On September 29, 2023, the dream of honoring cigar brands that have made a profound impact on the industry came to fruition.

The Cigar Hall of Fame finds its permanent home here online, accessible to enthusiasts and aficionados across the globe, at TheCigarHallOfFame.com. This website will serve as a digital archive, preserving the rich stories and legacies of the legendary cigar brands that have paved the way and shaped the cigar industry as we know it.

Henceforth, every year, we will gather to celebrate and induct a select few cigar brands into The Cigar Hall of Fame. Each year, we will honor the legacy of deserving cigar brands, recognizing their enduring impact on the industry.

The Cigar Hall of FameThe Cigar Hall of Fame
2023 Inductees to The Cigar Hall of Fame



Cabañas Cigars

2023 Inductee to The Cigar Hall of Fame - Cabañas Cigars

Cuesta-Rey Cigars

The Cigar Hall of Fame 2023 Inductee - Cuesta-Rey Cigars

Davidoff Cigars

The Cigar Hall of Fame 2023 Inductee - Davidoff Cigars

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